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Nomenclature clarification for serrated lesions and adenomas

Lesions with a tufted appearance are described as having a serrated architecture. Hyperplastic polyps – Benign polyps with a serrated architecture – No follow up required. Adenomas – Tubular, Villous and Tubular-Villous. Show low grade dysplasia. Follow up as per … Continue reading

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Poorly Differentiated Carcinoma of the Colon

The differential diagnosis of poorly differentiated carcinoma of the colon include: Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma Medullary carcinoma of the colon & Large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma Medullary carcinoma will usually have sheets, nest or trabecular of small to medium sized cells with … Continue reading

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Ovarian Serous Tumours

Benign serous tumours (serous cystadenoma) – Unilocular thin walled cysts filled with clear fluid. Smooth inner surface or polypoid excrescences which are firm if fibrous or soft if oedematous. Lined by ciliated columnar epithelium similar to fallopian tube. Serous adenofibromas- … Continue reading

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